Artist Statement
Our daily lives are full of stress, anxiety and pressure. There’s never enough
time to do the things we must do, much less time to do the things we would
like to do. How often do we take a moment, to see what’s in front of us, to see
what’s in the shadows; to see the special places. Sometimes I do take the time.
Sometimes I push everything else away and just look. Sometimes I’m even
lucky enough to have my camera with me.

I have been photographing my world since 1979. Throughout this time
I have explored my immediate neighborhood and have also been able to travel
to exotic places throughout Latin America and Europe capturing images with
my camera along the way. I archivally print my images in the darkroom on
traditional gelatin silver paper and then I apply photographic oils by hand.
The carefully applied coloring adds to the imaginary quality and makes real
the world I witness.